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Natural Circulation Steam Boiler

Natural Circulation Steam Boiler


  • Natural circulation.
  • Sealed closed-loop system.
  • No feed water pumps.
Many technological processes, primarily in the food industry, need to use high temperatures. High temperatures are usually obtained using Thermic fluid heaters. However, some regulation do not allow the use of Thermic fluid heater where is danger to contaminate food in process. In these cases it is a required to use high pressure steam, up to 1600 PSI, to achieve temp. up to 600 * F. We have studied and produce our steam generator NCS-HP that, working with closed circuit and with natural circulation) no pump is needed) can produce steam up to 110 kg/cm.

Capacities 2 Lac kcal/hr to 20 Lac kcal/hr
Pressure: Maximum pressure of 110 Kg/cm2 (g)
Temperature: Up to 310°C
Firing fuels: Automatic Oil (Gas) Fired Steam Boiler.

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