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Steam Boilers

Steam Boilers

Steam boilers are vital in the manufacturing and process industries for heating and processing purposes. Although steam boilers are essential in industry, maintaining boiler systems is an important and challenging task for plant managers. One of the main problems with steam boiler repair is boiler leaks. A boiler leak must never be ignored as it can lead to dangerous consequences such as corrosion of boiler components. Boiler leaks mainly occur in winter. This is due to the steam boiler timing out. If the temperature drops below freezing, the water in pipes and steam boilers will freeze. Additionally, the condensate pipes that drain residual steam and condensate from the steam boiler may freeze, preventing the steam boiler from operating properly.

The invention of the First Boiler

The earliest boilers are said to have existed as early as the 1st century AD. However, such a cauldron is just a toy. Boiler manufacturing began in earnest in the 17th century, when the potential application of steam power to everyday life became very important. The first steam boiler with a safety valve was built by the Frenchman Denis Papin in 1679.

Wrought iron steam boilers were used and manufactured in England until the 18th century. However, as the main benefits of temperature and high pressure became apparent, more and more boilermakers were turning to steel. Advanced steam boilers are made of alloy steel and can withstand extremely high temperatures and pressures.

The History of Steam Boiler Manufacturing:

Throughout the history of steam boiler manufacturers, the earliest boiler manufacturers are the founders of Steam Boiler, Steven Wilcox and George Babcock. The pair were the first to patent a boiler design with pipes inside a structure with refractory brick walls for steam generation.

Decades later, in 1891, the two founded the Babcock & Wilcox firm in New York. The company's first boilers used lump coal and were relatively small and fired by hand. Due to these factors, Babcock & Wilcox's first patented boilers operated with extremely low heat input.

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